Products by Robin Pliskin

You can now purchase my relaxing products online! These are the very same product that I use during our rejuvenating massage sessions here at Robin Pliskin Massage. Many of these products are personally hand-crafted and made of all natural materials with quality, health and sustainability in mind.

Give a gift of relaxation to yourself or to others you know who who would like to experience the calming, joyful experience of Robin Pliskin Massage.

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Herbal Bath Infusion

Herbal Bath Infusion is your skin's best friend. Each 4"x3" muslin pouch is filled with 1oz. herbal blend that includes flowers and plants that have...

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Organic Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Bar

1.5oz. Hand-crafted Organic Cocoa Butter Bar - You don't have to be a massage therapist to enjoy the rich texture of this skin enhancing body butter....

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Beeswax Candle in Apothecary Jar

This 8oz. Candle is hand-made by Robin using 100% Pure filtered Beeswax and features a clear glass apothecary jar made specifically for candle use....

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Foot Warming Booties

These booties are not made for walking. They are strictly for warming your tootsies. Great for relaxing you into a deep sleep at the end of the day....

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Lavender Neck Warming Pillow with Matching Washable Cover

Bring a little of Robin's soothing touch into your home. When warmed and place on your neck/shoulder area the Lavender Neck Warming Pillow will send...

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