Robin's Bio

The story of how I got into massage is simple, yet represents how important each person we meet is, and the profound affect that even a brief meeting can have.

In 2005 I met a man who spoke with such warmth and enthusiasm about reflexology and how it alleviated pain and suffering for his clients. As he shared his experience, my passion for helping others began to bubble up in me. I left that chance encounter determined to learn reflexology. While researching schools of massage study, I was like a kid in a candy shop - I wanted to learn each and every modality that was offered. I enrolled in the Institute of Conscious BodyWork and was so grateful because their method of teaching couldn't have been a more perfectly suited to me. Their philosophy promotes the abililty to massage with intention and intuition and a conscious, holistic focus.

My training was truly a life-changing experience and after receiving my certified massage therapy certificate, I completed the Advanced Body Work program. I continue to learn new massage techniques and am excited to offer a variety of new health enriching treatments to my clients.