2 Ways You Can Save

~Healthy Habits Program~
 Regular Massage keeps you balanced physically, mentally, & energetically.

Join our Healthy Habits Program. Take advantage of a Healthy Habits Rewards Card - Buy 5 sessions and you receive a complimentary 60min Massage! You can pay for your sessions one at a time, however the 5 sessions need to be booked within a ten month period to receive your reward. This time limit helps you create a healthy habit and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Make sure you bring your Healthy Habits Rewards Card and have it stamped each visit. Then enjoy your sixth visit free.
Make massage your healthy habit and invest in your health.

~Referral Program~
Your referrals to your friends and family is a compliment held in the highest regard.

Join our Referral Program. Fill your name in on Robin Pliskin Massage referral cards, pass them on to 5 people - When 5 people you refer book their massage appointment and bring in the referral cards, you are rewarded with a complimentary 60min Massage!
And the recipients receives their choice of $10 Off their session or extending their session 15 minutes. Thank you for your trust!