Infant Massage Training Class  ~  Learn to give your baby a full-body massage 

Why should you take this course? - Infant massage is a meaningful communication that develops deeper levels of bonding, understanding and respect between you and your baby. In addition, infant massage has many healthy benefits. It decreases stress hormones and increases relaxing hormones in both your baby and you. Extensive research has found that massage benefits babies physically, emotionally, and socially. Additionally, massage helps infants work through their birth experience. As their body is massaged, muscle memory releases and your baby expresses their response, giving you an opportunity to acknowledge with understanding and compassion. Learning Infant massage benefits you and your family.

How? - This course is set-up to be comfortably paced around the needs of your baby. You will learn the importance of touch, bonding and how to give a full-body massage. At our sessions we will be setting up on the floor. You will need a small blanket and your sleeping pillow for your baby to lay on. Your scent from your pillow is very calming for your baby. I will provide unscented organic massage oil. I will provide verbal and written material as well as demonstrate each technique. You will have plenty of time to practice the techniques with your baby. Questions and discussion time will help to meet your needs. Learning Infant Massage is easy, fun, and relaxing. Many students have reported that their baby slept longer and better after their first massage class!

When? - Individual sessions will be set up to fit your schedule. This Infant Massage Course will be held over three weeks (3 sessions) This gives you time for practice in between sessions.

Where? -  Individual sessions can be held at my massage studio or in the comfort of your home.

Cost? - $150 (3 Sessions/one each week for three weeks)

Group sessions - If you would like to form a group of 2 to 5 students, I can offer a discounted student rate and you can all have fun learning the art of infant massage together at my massage studio located at 509 Orchard St., Santa Rosa

About Robin - A massage practitioner since 2006 and a certified Infant Massage Educator since 2012. This is a wonderful area of massage for me and the idea of bringing massage into the realm of new beginnings is heart-warming.

Massage has tremendous potential to unravel stressful patterns that we often lock into, sometimes from the time of birth. Using the tool of massage helps babies release stress and be more healthy and present in this life. And it is a beautiful way to connect for both infant and parent.

I'm so happy to be able to teach infant massage to everyone who wants to learn this natural tool to enhance growth, health and their understanding of their children. Please email or call me with any question you may have.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with each and every one of you!